May 29, 2024

7 ways Tally Load Disaggregation uplifts customer engagement

At its core, Tally Load Disaggregation (LDA) uses a range of data science methods in the application of non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) to provide customers with a device-level breakdown of their energy usage, and it’s proven to uplift customer engagement by 15% compared with non-load disaggregation-based insights.

Disaggregating up to 18 different appliance categories, Tally LDA translates kWh usage to spend profiles based on time and energy pricing and supports customers to engage more deeply with their energy consumption. In a complex energy future, Tally LDA helps energy retailers position themselves as being on the customer’s side as they navigate the energy transition, providing actionable insights, helping them save money and ultimately building trust with their retailer brand over time.

Boosting customer engagement

While deep insights go some way to increasing consumer engagement, it’s the smarts behind the scene that have proven to be most impactful. Tally LDA activates information by enabling retailers to tell customers what they need to know, when they need to know it. Automating relevant and timely messaging means energy retailers can more effectively reinforce their customers' load shifting and other behaviours and recommend energy efficiency improvements within the home.

As part of a natively integrated, end-to-end billing software and customer management solution, Tally LDA is the most advanced, applicable and future-proofed solution industry-wide for mass market UX, and more advanced set-ups like EV and solar management. For energy retailers wishing to level up their customer engagement and position themselves as partners in the decarbonisation journey, here are seven ways Tally LDA can help.

1. Trained on thousands of real-time data points

Our data model has been trained, tested and refined real-time on thousands of data points, and growing. Our in-house team of energy data scientists are constantly improving the model, testing for statistical significance and adjusting for current conditions and changes.

2. Customer personalisation

Unique to our model is the integration of customer survey data. Direct input from thousands of customers not only improves the accuracy of the model in a virtuous two-way training cycle, but it also allows customers to personalise their experience, proven to increase engagement and reduce churn.

3. Advanced segmentation

Through the power of AI, Tally’s precision targeting supports energy retailers to accurately identify their most profitable customer cohorts. True value lies in our ability to extract hour-by-hour consumption load from raw meter data and identify patterns, building individual consumption profiles and grouping customers by demographics, appliance profile and profitability.

4. Keeps up with the Jones’  

Using automated customer cohort analysis, energy retailers can allow their customers to compare their energy usage with that of their peers, motivating load shifting and other behaviours that can benefit both the customer and retailer, as well as the planet.

5. Flexible, scalable and infinitely useful

Whatever your chosen billing platform, Tally’s load disaggregation solution is built to integrate rapidly and seamlessly with your tech stack.  

6. Native integration with Tally Billing

To achieve advanced synergy between data analytics and billing, our multi-utility SaaS-based billing platform, Tally Billing, offers full native integration with our load disaggregation solution, enabling ultra flexible tariff structure. Tally Billing strengthens LDA by enabling Behavioural Demand Response (BDR), offering limitless ways for you to incentivise and reward your customers for their load shifting behaviour.

7. Region specific

Our model is built on live data from the Australian energy market. Regional nuances increase its accuracy and impact specific to Australia and form the foundation for launch in other energy markets worldwide.

The powerful insights extracted from Tally LDA enable retailers to communicate relevant and highly engaging information with their customers in a way that is meaningful to them. This real-time, comparative data provides a foundation for advanced UX - proven to reduce churn and cost to serve – and opens the floor for BDR, appliance-level efficiency recommendations and up-sell opportunities.  

Rapid deployment, seamless integration, infinite possibility.  Book a demo to find out what Tally Load Disaggregation can enable for your energy retail business in a complex energy future.