Digitise your customer journeys

A complete digital self-service product suite for mass-market customers.

Key Features

  • Insights & Engagement
  • Self Service Portal
  • Self Service Mobile App
  • Chat  / Bots
  • Help Centre / FAQs
  • Move Home
  • Retention
  • Demand Response
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Usage Graphs
  • Disaggregation
  • Payment Options
  • Plans
  • Notifications


Tally Digital allows your customers to manage their account, payments, explore insights and chat with virtual or personal support. It’s available anytime, anywhere​ via our native mobile apps and online web portal​.


Customers receive personalised weekly updates between bills (preventing bill shock). In addition, customers have access to budget setting and alerting. Independent research* has shown our solution reduces churn by a third and consistently ranks NPS scores over 50.


Leverage granular usage data to provide highly personalised insights and offers. When integrated with Tally Trust, our email comms have high click-through rates (40%-70%). There’s also the capability to calculate personalised ROI for customers to upgrade their appliances, solar or battery.


Our machine learning analytics extract insights that enable a whole new energy customer experience. Run demand response programmes and capture important data on customer behaviour. As a retailer you’ll have access to detailed data and customer insights via a reporting dashboard.


Tally CANDI is a flexible admin interface for C&I customers to analyse usage, forecasting, invoices and manage users. CANDI supports complex products that require flexibility, billing solutions and settlement engines.​ Learn More


Tally DSS is a modern suite of digital tools that allows end users to manage their account, payment, chat and explore insights. Tally DSS is fully integrated with chat capability for assistance and support. Available on web and mobile. Learn More


Tally TRUST reduces churn, boosts brand stickiness and can be deployed quickly. Reduce churn by up to 30% with weekly customer updates. Improve CX by helping people to manage usage and keep bills under control. Learn More

BEHAVIOURAL Demand Response (BDR)

Tally BDR reduces load and saves your business money during peak events. Gain access to Tally Group’s award-winning behavioural demand response platform, designed to make life easy for customers. Learn More


Tally LDA provides weekly usage insights at the appliance category level for customers. Reduce cost to serve by giving customers personalised and actionable insights. Learn More
*Trust’s effectiveness as reported by the Melbourne Uni Centre for Market Design

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Mathew Grantham
Feature Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash