Transform your operational efficiency with our complete cloud-native platform

EOS' powerful functionality and intuitive design enhances the entire customer life cycle, across acquisition, product offers, billing and customer care.


- Drive down cost-to-serve with highly intuitive agent platforms, repetitive task automation and smart workflow management tools.
- Low-touch configurations give you the power to implement new business processes rapidly and streamline existing operations without development support.

accelerate your operations

- Set up new products in minutes, then offer and bill against them immediately.
- Manage any billing type, including utility consolidated, supplier consolidated, prepay, non-commodity, and promotional programs.
- Access all customer data in real-time from EOS, via API or from your geo-replicated reporting database.


- Event publishers, native APIs and multiple entry points enable tight integrations with your existing technology suite.
- We leverage advancements in IT security to keep your critical data and customer information safe, with 24/7 monitoring and constant optimization.
- EOS enables seamless integrations with external providers such as Salesforce or Dynamics, and custom-build solutions such as broker interfaces or pricing engines. We can manage these for you, or work alongside your tech partners and in-house teams.

advanced data management (ADM)

ADM accelerates and normalises utility communication across a diverse utility footprint. It's optimized for US energy markets and available alongside EOS or as a stand-alone solution that can integrate with other technology platforms.

Key features
- Automatically create, transmit, and receive required market data transactions to and from utility trading partners: Normalized transaction data is accessible directly through the billing system, and all original inbound transaction files can be provided automatically or as the need arises.
- EDI, XML, flatfiles and all utility transaction data is managed by a single, highly automated system.
- Thorough validation tools ensure accuracy and reduce the need for human touch by automatically cleaning and processing your data upon receipt. 
- ADM then normalizes this data across markets while we correct any abnormalities. Once processed, this feeds directly into EOS and other systems as needed.


Our online portals offer a modern, personalised experience that empowers your customers to easily manage their information and monitor their energy account. In turn, this enables your agents to focus on more complex, value-adding customer interactions.

Key features
Give your customers access to account balance, enrolment status and service account summary.
- Empower customers to manage billing and payments, opt-in to additional services, such as autopay.
- Reduce demands on your agents.
- Customize the platform to reflect your brand and identity, with responsive design providing optimal viewing and interaction experiences.


Accelerate the sign-up process with an easy-to-use customer-facing enrolment platform that helps you maximize customer conversion while capturing all required information. This seamlessly integrates with your billing system and CRM to ensure efficient, automated data management.

Key features
- Allow users to enrol multiple service accounts across multiple commodities in a single flow.
- Customize the platform with your branding to create a seamless experience.
- Auto-generate customized customer communication with full version tracking to ensure customers make informed decisions in accordance with all market regulatory requirements.
- API integrations ensure current product pricing and promotions are always up to date.
Note: AgilityCIS is now Tally Group

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