New innovation

Our multi-utility SaaS-based billing platform is flexible, quick to deploy and infinitely scalable.

Key Features

  • Advanced Data Management
  • Credit Management
  • Tariff Optimisation
  • Payments
  • Billing
  • Service Management
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • Data Migration
  • Exception Management
  • New Energy Innovation
  • Customer Management
  • Market Compliance
  • Quote to Contract

Utility Billing

This multi-utility platform can be used for C&I, residential, ENOs and distributed energy resources.

Quote to Contract

Prepare energy offers and generate contracts for complex C&I and multi-site deals, automatically triggering transfers and onboarding.

Customer Management

Simplify the operations experience with Tally Billing's intuitive customer management layer.

Exception Management

Automation and simplifying exception management makes a zero-touch future possible.

Data Lake

Quickly deploy our fully cloud based data lake to provide a platform for advanced analytics, machine learning and business intelligence.


As experts in leveraging and analysing utility data, we've developed complex models for tariffs, churn, exceptions and new energy solutions.

Tariff Optimisation

Run ongoing bulk or one-off simulations to calculate your customers' best combination of network and retail tariffs.

New Energy Innovation

Our ability to bill any complex tariff structures mean we're supporting grid transformation and the move to a cleaner future.

Revenue Assurance

Bill reconciliation capability with real-time views of potential issues prevents revenue leakage.

Market Compliance

Our platform is designed to be fully compliant with the energy market.


“The team immediately mobilised additional resources and oversight to remediate a complex operational billing challenge with minimal business and customer impact.”
Stuart Rainsford, GM Energy, VOCUS GROUP

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Frank Pandazopoulos
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